Posted by: beerdude | September 24, 2010

Quebec corrupt?

Perhaps the current scandal involving Premier Jean Charest is to blame for the timing of the latest cover by McLean’s magazine. The cover shows a smiling snowman (Bonhomme Carnaval) carrying a briefcase full of cash. Offensive? Only if you live in Quebec. The controlling Liberal party has been battling scandal after scandal in recent years. There’s sure to be a political uproar over the damage to the province’s reputation but one thing’s certain. The Quebec Liberal party most likely won’t be in power after the next election.

One call from Charest and Rogers is bending over like a cheap hooker.
Rogers regrets Macleans cover

Posted by: beerdude | September 22, 2010

Rob Ford gets a boost

Looks like it will almost be a certainty. Toronto Mayoral candidate received a boost today from a former rival, Giorgio Mammoliti. The former candidate dropped out earlier in the year but has now come forward in support of Rob Ford. The train just keeps chugging along unfazed by scandals and past outspoken quotes. It sure looks like Rob Ford will be Toronto’s next mayor.

Posted by: beerdude | September 13, 2010

Weekend News

These gummy bears taste funny. Police in British Columbia seized a package of gummy bears laced with LSD. It could be the beginning of a new trend for drug smugglers attempting to peddle their goods. So bewarned the next time somebody offers you a gummy bear at the next party.

With the start of a fresh school year comes frat parties. The most recent event at a UBC frat house involved violence. The crowd swelled to over 500 and eventually police had to be called in to break some fights. During the event police officers were swarmed and jostled trying to keep the peace. University RCMP are concerned over the level of violence and worried that the level may escalate at future parties.

Expect more Tamil refugees suggested by Sri Lankan diplomats. Canada’s recent handling of the influx of Tamil refugees is inviting human smugglers to continue their criminal activity. The 30 year civil war in Sri Lanka has the Tamil population looking for greener pastures, and Canada is at the top of the list. I think I can already hear my taxes going up.

Posted by: beerdude | September 9, 2010

Campbell vows to stay

Despite the massively unpopular decision with regards to the HST Premier Gordon Campbell refused to resign. As well refused calls to replace the finance minister Colin Hansen. The fiasco has seen the party’s popularity plummet as the public expresses its disapproval over the HST. Despite the rumors Campbell stated his party and cabinet is united. Let the blame game begin. (link)

Posted by: beerdude | September 1, 2010

Yes, the weatherperson was wrong

Ok, so it may not completely be the fault of your local weatherperson but the forecasts have been more inaccurate as of late. A government report on Environment Canada’s weather monitoring assets have put the spotlight on the degrading infrastructure. The 72 page document highlights a number of unreliable weather monitoring stations which are simply ignored or produce bad data. Rather than focusing on the problems it’s time the Canadian government invest some money into updating their weather network. Canadian weather has been more volatile in recent years and having a modernized system may help avert natural disasters down the road. Having the proper tools to make accurate weather predictions is the first step to ensuring the 5 day forecast goes as expected. (link)

Posted by: beerdude | August 31, 2010

Bedbugs at the theatre?

Cineplex quickly put moviegoers fears to rest by taking quick action. Sniffing dogs and other teams inspected the Scotiabank Theatre and ruled out any bedbug fears. A patron complained about bites via a social networking site and the news spread like wildfire. Just gives you an idea of how quickly rumor and innuendo can cause corporations money. Toronto hospitals, hotels, and stores reported bedbug infestations earlier in the year.

Posted by: beerdude | March 23, 2010

Drunk fool to be sentenced

Remember that dumbass who assaulted Noel Gallagher of Oasis during the Virgin Festival? He pleaded guilty and will sentenced in April. Oasis had to cancel part of their tour due to the injuries sustained in that attack. Definitely puts a black eye on Canadians as drunk thugs, especially the ones in Pickering. And what happened to security? So not only can we not control ourselves but we can even protect celebrities?

Somehow I think he’s going to get off with probation and alcohol counseling. Canadian justice for you.

Posted by: beerdude | March 23, 2010

Parking Ticket Rage

We’ve all been there. Watching the parking officer write you a ticket just as you arrived a minute too late to feed the meter. You only ran in to pick something up and came back with a ticket. We can all get pretty angry at times but assaulting an officer is completely unacceptable. A Toronto man has been charged after getting a parking ticket and punching the officer. Numerous witnesses came to the aid of the officer as the gutless criminal drove away. Certainly not the most glamorous of duties, parking officers get a crappy deal. Just remember that they are doing their jobs and you got a ticket because you were too lazy to put money in the meter.

Posted by: beerdude | February 9, 2010

Still needs to learn how to be mayor

Close but no cigar. FIRST you become mayor, THEN you start having affairs. Apparently Adam Giambrone got the order mixed up. All the chips were in place but it would seem he got a little ahead of himself. A hot little number on the side for booty calls and a successful photogenic “partner” for his political career. Perhaps he didn’t quite understand what he was getting himself into when he decided to run for mayor of Toronto.

While political scandals aren’t anything new, it would seem the would be candidate has gotten off to a rough start, and I don’t mean sex on the couch type of rough. Let’s see his silly YouTube video, the history of poor TTC service under his watch, and now this sex scandal with a 19 year old. (I wonder what she looks like under those clothes? Giambrone seemed to think ‘good-looking naked'” Good enough for me!). 3 strikes right off the bat and we aren’t even into the meat of the campaign yet.

His opponents are quietly snickering and cheering at his successive missteps. It should easily sweep in Smitherman as Toronto’s next mayor. I mean, do YOU want to vote for this guy after these types of scandals? Giambrone might as well call it quits right now, because it the job of mayor only gets worse.

Posted by: beerdude | January 11, 2010

Liberals come out swinging

PM Harper decided to bury his head in the ground and hoped everything would go away. Perhaps that wasn’t such a good idea. In an attempt to avoid further grilling about Afghanistan, Harper prorogued parliament (yes, he did this before) using the Olympics as an excuse. Wow, just completely the wrong move. Well if you were the PM and looked at the opposition, you wouldn’t be worried either. Neither the Liberals or NDP have decided to come out of hibernation for most of the year, but here’s their chance.

Ignatieff called Harper’s move “undemocratic”. Oooh, that will teach him. And don’t forget the classic Liberal attack ads that you’ve seen on tv. Are they working? Hmm, not a peep from Layton. Go ahead, make fun of his sweater again! While both parties have little media presence this is a good opportunity to make up some ground. Get your shots in now while he’s stumbling and bumbling.


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